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Replacement Square Plates

Square Number Plates for Cars

The most common square number plate for cars is the standard 11x8" plate usually seen on the rear of four wheel drives. We do offer more square plate sizes for cars, but be aware that many of them are only legal for foreign import vehicles whose plate recesses won't fit anything larger. Please visit our number plate designer to choose from the full list of available plate sizes.

Design a Square Car Plate
Example Square 11x8 Plate

Square Number Plates for Motorcycles

We offer a large range of square number plates for motorcycles. However, please be aware that only the 9x7" square motorcycle plate is legal for road use! For all other (non-legal) square plate sizes, head over to the number plate designer and select "Show Plate" to unlock the alternative sizes.

Design a Square Bike Plate
Example Square 9x7 Plate